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Upcoming cook book and elevation

I have finally finished writing my first cookbook, "A Spring Feast - a simple 16th century Italian feast menu for the novice cook". The book contains an entire feast menu with recipes standardised and scaled so that you can cook for 8, or 150. It also has a dinner plan (appropriately scaled for a main meal) and a ball supper, both taken from items on the feast menu. There's plenty of tips and tricks to be picked up throughout, and a bit of discussion along the way about the different dishes and menu choices.

I am currently readying it for publication, and hope to have it available for sale by April 2019. If you would like me to let you know when the book is available, please email me at dragonfish dot dance at gmail dot com.

I'm now working on a new book, "101 things to do with a rotisserie chicken". This book idea came about because the SCA potluck is ubiquitous for having a solid half dozen supermarket-cooked chickens, almost regardless of the number of people attending the potluck. The aim is to inspire people with simple - or not-so-simple ideas for dressing up their offering to make it more authentic and slightly different to everyone else's.

I have also been invited to join the Order of the Laurel by Their Majesties Kinggiyadai II and Altani II for my research into the area of 16th century Italian feasts and cooking. I was sent to vigil by Queen Eva II at Canterbury Faire and am likely to be elevated in July 2019. Needless to say, I am both delighted and slightly daunted. Thank you to all those that have shown me their support or congratulated me, and all those that will help me in my journey as a baby Laurel.