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Romoli's gingerbread: quantities

I've made Romoli's gingerbread several times, but this time I actually thought of documenting it while making it....

As follows:

For 500g of icing sugar use 175 ml rose water, 1T each cinnamon, ginger, and pepper, 1t each cloves and nutmeg, and 3 and 1/2 cups of flour.

Gingerbreads take 12 minutes to cook in a moderate oven.

I usually make mine in lymphad shape. They do tend to brown quickly on the flag and the bit at the front of the boat. This quantity makes 39-40 lymphads.

One thing I'd forgotten about was how tough these biscuits are once they're cooked. You know how gingernuts are quite solid? These take that to a whole new height. Possibly, these are close to dwarf bread. Except they are actually tasty.