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Cooking & Feasting

One of my primary interests in the SCA is cooking. I began cooking for the SCA in 2009, starting with a modest feast for a 16th century Italian ball that Mistress Katherina Weyssin was running. Little did I know, but this sparked a long term love affair with 16th century Italian cuisine. Since then, I've prepared a variety of meals and feasts catering for different numbers and occasions.

My interests have also expanded further, as I've taken a deep interest in candy making, become fascinated with exploring the structure and elements that go into constructing an Italian feast, and started translating from facsimiles of several sources that are not available in English - which has also led to undertaking comparative studies of similar recipes across multiple sources.

Food Writing

Beyond Broad Beans

The Hunt for Wafers

How to Tart Up a 16th Century Italian Feast in 13 Easy Steps (pies not included)

A Standardised Recipe for Cheesy Rice (serves 8)

Supplementing your Italian Feast with produce from your garden


Candy has its own page, since candy is really a topic in and of itself.

Welcome to Candy Land

Meal & Feast Write Ups

Autumn Feast, 2009

Midwinter Coronation, 2010

Recipe Testing

This is on its own page, which can be found here.


These are also on their own page, which can be found here.

Food Blog

This is a way for me to take notes while I'm researching specific things. Blog entries display in their own menu on the left hand side of the page.