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Sewing & Embroidery


From time to time, I help people with their garb projects. As part of this, I often find myself teaching the same bits repeatedly. Sometimes, I turn this into actual notes - or find a link to useful things that someone else has already put up.

A pdf of my instructions on how to make roll pleats can be found here.

Some information on different types of pleats can be found on the Elizabethan Costuming page, here.

A really nice, clear video tutorial by StitchLab Sewing on how to do ladder stitch (also known as teddy bear stitch) can be found here.


I occasionally dabble in embroidery. Unfortunately, I've discovered that what I really like to do, is work the pattern out from an original source. Beyond that, it takes me a really long time to actually complete a project because I'm not all that interested in the stitching side of things. I'm not very patient with it, nor am I very neat, so will definitely always be amateur. But, I figure that I might as well show off the few bits that I have done, and provide the patterns that I've worked out so that people more interested in the actual production of embroidery might be able to use them. :-)

Embroidered Bag, Pincushion and Needlecase made for Lady Anna de Wilde - based on patterns in the Boten sampler at the V&A Museum. My patterns (in pdf form) are available for use below, or as links on the write up.