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A&S 50: Accessories

Okay, so originally this began as "50 Hats & Hoods", then adjusted slightly to become "50 items of Headwear". Someone recently asked how far through this I was. I commented that, once the current hat was finished, I would have completed five. It's AS46. That kind person went on to comment that, in order to complete the task by the deadline (or at least by the end of AS50), I would need to produce roughly one hat/hood/headdress per month for the remainder.

While at first I wasn't overly worried by the thought of this, as I pondered my own nature (and tendency to jump from one project to the next, and always be engaged in many different projects), I began to think that perhaps I should alter my mission a little further. Consequently, it's now "50 Accessories" - which is a modicum more achievable, as it will enable me to incorporate planned projects like ruffs, partlets, aprons, coifs, belts, girdles, muffs, purses, and jewellery. All of which are, of course, incredibly important.

I still don't especially like my chances of finishing successfully in the time given, but it's going to be a lot of fun trying!

  1. A Teeny Tiny Hat
  2. Another Teeny Tiny Hat
  3. A Veiled Headdress
  4. A Tall Hat in Brown Velvet
  5. A Pearl & Coral Girdle
  6. A Pair of Coral Earrings
  7. A Coral Necklace
  8. A Pearl Necklace
  9. A Venetian Flag Fan
  10. A French Hat