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Egg Flans with Ox

Translation of a 16th century Italian Recipe.

From Christoforo di Messisbugo, Banchetti composizioni di vivande e apparecchio generale (Lucio Spineda, Venice, 1610)

p48v/r A fare dieci piatti di Fiadoncelli, di morolla. (To make ten plates of egg flans, of [...]1.)

Take two pounds of well-washed whole sultanas, and give them a boil with wine, and that which is sweeter will be better, then put them in a vessel with half a pound of cooked [...] of ox, or fatty necks, and one pound of grated hard cheese, & eight egg yolks, and nine ounces of sugar, & one ounce of ground cinnamon, then mix these things all together, and make two sheets in the same manner in which you make those for the said cheese, and put the screens over the pastry, and of it make two turns of pastry, then cut them with the tagging iron, large, or small as you would like.

Then fry them in three pounds of butter, or suet, and cooked place them over a pound of purified honey, and then half a pound of sugar over the honey.

1. I cannot find a translation for "morolla". I wonder if it is just another term for the neck, or if it is some other particularly fatty part of an ox, since he also calls for the necks as an option.