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Recipes from Fiorauanti Bolognese

Fiorauanti Bolognese, Leornardo: Del Compendio de i Secreti dell'Eccell. Medico, & Cirugico M. Leonardo Fiorauanti Bolognese, Libri Cinque. (Vincenzo Valgrisi, Venice, 1554)

This is actually a "book of secrets", and contains recipes and treatments for the physician and surgeon, as well as alchemical recipes and beauty treatments - and some food-related recipes and information. I love the overall eclectic nature of the work, and also, specifically, the fact that he includes candy recipes.

V.34 p160r/v Del modo di conciare le scorze di cedri, & di naranci confette. (The way to dress and candy the peel of citrons, & of oranges.)

V.45 p164r/v Del modo di fare bianco magnare in un subito, secreto rarisimo. (The way to make white dish in haste, a rare secret.)

V.36 p161r Del modo di fare pasta di marzapane da formar piu cose. (The way to make marzipan paste to shape more things.)

V.37 p161r/v Del modo di fare specie imperiali che si usano in diuersi luochi. (The way to make Imperial Spice which is used in various places.)

V.38 p161v Del modo di far le specie sorti che si fanno in Venetia. (The way to make the sort of spice which is made in Venice.)