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Translation of a 16th century Italian Recipe.

From Christoforo di Messisbugo, Banchetti composizioni di vivande e apparecchio generale (Lucio Spineda, Venice, 1610)

p52v A fare dieci piatti di maccheroni. (To make ten plates of macaroni.)

Take five pounds of white flour, and two grated white breads, and mix them well with the flour, and then have boiling water, and beat together three eggs, and make your pasta so it is not too hard nor too sticky, and leave it to cool a little, then cut it into pieces the size of a chestnut, then make your macaroni with the reverse of the grater, and then put it to cook in boiling water, and when it is cooked, add in a little salt, and then have two and a half pounds of grated hard cheese, with half an ounce of well ground pepper mixed together, and spread it with the said cheese under, and over, and one and a half pounds of fresh melted butter over, then cover it with other plates, and put it in the over until you want to serve it to the table, and spread over it, if you would like a little sugar, and cinnamon, and it will be good.