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Recipes from Rosselli

Rosselli, Giovanne: Epulario: qual tratta del modo di cucinare ogni carne, vccelli, pesci, & ultra qualita di viuande (Altobello Salicato, Vinegia, 1596)

Although my edition is from 1596, Rosselli's work was originally printed in 1517. Therefore his recipes tend to be a bit old-fashioned and hark back a bit to what was popular in the 15th century. His language is also just a bit more rusticated, which I find makes it slightly harder to translate - grammar seems to have evaded him and his sentence structure drives me nuts. I find that it's better to get settled in to translating a number of recipes at once, as you settle into the difference in language more that way.

He also clearly has a violent streak, as he will tell you not just to crush something, but to kill it and beat it well.

p4v Per fare pastello di carne de vitello, o cappone, o qualunque altra carne. (To make pies of veal, or capon, or whatever other meat.)

p4v Per fare vno pastello in vna pignata. (To make a pie in an earthenware pot.)

p8r Per fare mortadelle de carne di vitello, ouero d'altra carne giouane. (To make sausages of veal, or of other young meats.)

p8v Per fare boni ceruellati de porco, o de vitello giouene, cioe nelli budelli. (To make good sausages of pork, or of young calf, that is with guts.)

p8v Per fare bone salcicie. (To make good sausages.)

p9v-10r Per far bianco mangiare de caponi, de capretti, e farne dodeci menestre. (To make white dish of capon, of kid, and to make ten dishes.)

p10r/v Per fare dodeci menestre de bianco mangiare al modo catelano. (To make ten dishes of white dish in the Catalan fashion.)

p10v Per fare menestra de bianco mangiare al modo catelano. (To make a dish of white dish in the Catalan fashion.)

p12r Per fare vna menestra de vergiuse. (To make a "vergiuse"soup.)

p12r Per fare dieci menestre de rauioli in tempo di carne e come si fanno. (To make ten ravioli soups on meat days, and how they are made.)

p12r Per fare menestre de vermicelli, & come si fanno. (To make soup of vermicelli.)

p12v Per fare menestra de faue fresche con brodo de carne, ouero senza. (To make broadbean soup with meat broth, or without.)

p12v Per cocere bizelli frutti con la carne salata. (To cook fresh peas with salted meat.)

p12v Per fare menestre de miglio con brodo de carne, ouero de pollo. (To make millet soup with meat or chicken broth.)

p12v Per far xii. menestre de seme de capana con la carne. (To make 12 soups of hemp seeds with meat.)

p13r Per fare menestra bone de finocchi. (To make good fennel soup.)

p14v Per fare diece menestrede zanzarelle. (To make ten soups of Zanzarelle.)

p14v Per fare zanzarelli bianchi. (To make white zanzarelli.)

p14v Per far zanzarelli verdi. (To make green Zanzarelle.)

p14v Per far zanzarelli in bocconi piccoli. (To make Zanzarelli in small morsels.)

p15v Per fare diece menestre de bianco mangiare in tempo de quadrigesima. (To make ten dishes of white dish in the time of Lent.)

p15v-16r Per fare cuocere el riso in tempo quadrigesimale per fare diece menestre. (How to cook rice for Lean days to make ten dishes.)

p16r Per fare otto menestre de mandolata. (To make eight dishes of Mandolata.)

p16r Per far menestre de seme de canapa. (To make a pottage of hemp seeds.)

p16r Per fare Bizelli. (To make peas.)

p16r Per fare bizelli fritti. (To make fried peas.)

p16r Per fare menestra de faua menata. (To make a pottage of broadbeans.)

p16v Per frigere la faua nella padella. (To fry broadbeans in a frying pan.)

p16v Per far diece menestre di bono brodo di cicere rosso. (To make ten soups of good red chicory broth.)

p16v Per fare dodeci menestre di verzuso. (To make 12 servings of "verzuso".)

p30r/v Per fare torta de datali de mandole è d'altre cose. (To make a torte of dates of almonds and of other things.)

p39r Per frigere casio in padeletto. (To fry cheese in a small frying pan.)

p39r Nota potrai aconciare in altro modo lo detto cauo. (Note you can cook this said thing another way.)

p39v Per fare fritelle de riso. (To make rice fritters.)

p39v Per fare fritelle de fiche piene. (To make fritters of filled figs.)