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Marzipan for shaping things

Translation of a 16th century Italian Recipe.

Fiorauanti Bolognese, Leornardo: Del Compendio de i Secreti dell'Eccell. Medico, & Cirugico M. Leonardo Fiorauanti Bolognese, Libri Cinque. (Vincenzo Valgrisi, Venice, 1554)

V.36 p161r Del modo di fare pasta di marzapane da formar piu cose. (The way to make marzipan paste to shape more things.)

The paste to make marzipan, and all sorts of fantastical things, like shells, mushrooms, pears, peaches, figures, and other similar things that are made in this fashion, that is. Take sweet almonds, and put them in a vessel and over them throw boiling water, and leave these a very little while, so that it is possible to rub the skin off, then remove the skins from above, and all the almonds, and grind these clean almonds in a stone mortar, and for each pound of almonds put in four ounces of white sugar, and incorporate them well together; and with this dough is able to be formed all sorts of confections, and cooked over the fire. And this is the true way to make this dough, and if you would have this scented put in musk or perfume, or other similar scents.