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Another Sort of Naspro

A 16th century Italian Recipe.

Romoli, Domenico: La Singolare Dottrina Di M. Domenico Romoli... (Gio. Battista Bonfadino, Venetia, 1593)

V.115.191v. A far altra sorte di Naspro. (To make another sort of Naspro1.)

Take finely ground sugar, and pass it through a strainer, and put it in a casket with rose water, and musk, so that it is not too liquid, so that theystand somewhat holding it, then take this mixture of the above said things, and put it to cook in an oven that is not too hot in round iron dishes with flour underneath, so that it will not stick, and then when it is cooked take it from the fire, and cool it and gild it.

1. I couldn't find a suitable way to translate this.