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Another gingerbread

A 16th century Italian Recipe.

Romoli, Domenico: La Singolare Dottrina Di M. Domenico Romoli... (Gio. Battista Bonfadino, Venetia, 1593)

V.110.190v. A far Mustaccioli di altra sorte. (To make another sort of gingerbread.)

Take three pounds of ground sugar, and put in one pound of rose water, three ounces of ground cinnamon, of ginger, of pepper, & a quarter ounce of cloves, all well ground, & likewise a nutmeg, once all these things have been mixed with as much flour as [you] need to make a slightly hard paste, & it has made the gingerbreads, put them on the tray to cook in the oven with a gentle fire.