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Another Marzipan Biscuit

A 16th century Italian Recipe.

Romoli, Domenico: La Singolare Dottrina Di M. Domenico Romoli... (Gio. Battista Bonfadino, Venetia, 1593)

With thanks to my Italian teacher Mario for checking my translation.

V.117.192r/v. Altra sorte di pastadelle di Marzapane. (Another sort of marzipan biscuit.)

Take three pounds of skinned Ambrosine almonds, and grind them with ten ounces of sugar, one ounce of cinnamon, and six ounces of rose water with a quarter [ounce] of pepper, and grind all these things well together, take four pounds of flour, three ounces of sugar, and eight fine egg yolks, with five ounces of lard, with enough saffron to give it colour, and of all these make a paste, so then you make the paste thin. Of this mixture take a quantity equal to a large walnut, & then spread over the above pastry which is cut with your round cutter. Fry it with good butter or lard, following which you think will taste best, & over them you put sugar to serve.