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Broadbean Soup

A 16th century Italian Recipe, translated into English by Shannon Wanty

From Rosselli, Giovanne: Epulario: qual tratta del modo di cucinare ogni carne, vccelli, pesci, & ultra qualita di viuande (Altobello Salicato, Vinegia, 1596)

p12v Per fare menestra de faue fresche con brodo de carne, ouero senza. (To make broadbean soup with meat broth, or without1.)

Take broadbeans, and clean them in hot water as you would almonds. And then put them to boil in good broth, and when it seems to you that they are well cooked, put in with them a little parsley2, and mint that is well beaten, making it boil well with good salted meat, and this soup you can make a little greener as would seem beautiful to you. Also note that you can make this with peas, and all sorts of other fresh legumes.

1 Rosselli doesn't actually give instructions for making the dish without meat broth.

2 The term used is "petrosillo".