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Veal or Capon Pie

A 16th century Italian Recipe, translated into English by Shannon Wanty

From Rosselli, Giovanne: Epulario: qual tratta del modo di cucinare ogni carne, vccelli, pesci, & ultra qualita di viuande (Altobello Salicato, Vinegia, 1596)

p4v Per fare pastello di carne de vitello, o cappone, o qualunque altra carne. (To make pies of veal, or capon, or whatever other meat.)

To make pies of veal, or capon, or else whatever other meat, or little birds. First take the quantity of lean meat that you would like, and beat it small with a knife, and take good veal fat, and mix if well with the said meat along with some good spices following those that commonly taste good. Then make your pastry crust following as you would make it for pies, and put it to cook on the fire. And when it will be cooked take two egg yolks and some good verjuice, and a little fatty borth, and a little saffron, and beat these things well together, and lace them in the pie, and if you do not know make the crust blind with the frying pan as you would make a tart. And into this said pie you can put one, or two chickens, or pigeons, or capons, or whatever other small birds whole, or chopped.